What differentiates you from other car buying services like car brokers?

My New Car Consultant is designed solely as a new car buying advocate for the consumer. We do not broker a deal, we simply get the consumer the best deal possible. This includes negotiating a great selling price and looking out for the car buyers when it comes to financing, warranties, protection packages and accessories. We don’t just make phone calls, we are at the dealership with you.

Why should I work with you when I know someone who works at a dealership?

Car dealers work with a business model that incentivizes them and their employees to make as much money as they possibly can at every profit opportunity of their business. Let’s say you know a salesperson who will give you a good price on a vehicle. Are you certain that someone else didn’t get a better price on the same vehicle the very same week? What you may feel is a good deal still may not be the best deal. That’s where My New Car Consultant comes in. We are concerned about getting you the best deal including the price you pay on products and services you may be purchasing from the dealer at the same time whereas the person you know may stop advocating on your behalf after negotiating a selling price.

Are you a car broker?

No. We are an advocate for the car buyer plain and simple.

Do you accept money from car dealerships?

No. We never accept a penny from any car dealer or their representatives. This allows us to focus solely on getting you the best deal.

Why should I pay someone to help me get a good deal on a car? I shouldn’t have to pay to spend money.

If you get the best pricing from two different dealerships on the same exact car but the quotes are $1000 apart which dealership do you go to? Yes, the cheaper one but it’s not always that simple. Suppose when you get there they have you fill out all of the paperwork and on the final page that you are signing they’ve added a $995 fee or service. 

It turns out both dealers are willing to sell the car for about the same price. Wouldn’t you rather give your business to the dealer who was upfront and honest? What if My New Car Consultant was able to save you an extra $500? We take out the headaches and save you money, it’s a win-win. Otherwise you’ll have to ask yourself if you really did get the best price that you possibly could and did you find the sales process to be upfront, honest, and transparent? The answers are probably not. That’s where My New Car Consultant comes in, we are here to save you time and money, while removing  the stress and aggravation from the car buying process!