Services and Pricing

Test Drive
We believe our customers belong in the driver’s seat throughout the car buying process. Whether you’ve test driven in advance or the day of the purchase, we’re happy to negotiate on your behalf whether you do your own research in advance or on the day you plan to purchase.

Negotiating the best deal can be an incredibly frustrating experience. You work hard for your money and we want to work just as hard for you. We’ll make sure all the questions get answered – yours and ours. Our goal is for you to have a clear understanding of the total purchase price and monthly payments for leased or financed purchases. Often dealers present monthly payments within your budget by extending the length of the loan. We work on your behalf to ensure that your lease or payment schedule, interest rate, and administrative fees are fair to keep more money in your pocket.

Trading in a vehicle can be emotionally overwhelming. Sometimes the sentimental value and ability to pass a vehicle on to a friend or loved one makes more sense than trading it in.  We’ll always help negotiate on your behalf when trade-ins are involved.

Warranty and Service Packages
Warranties are expensive and work to protect you when something goes wrong. We’ll help you determine if the manufacturer’s warranty is sufficient based on your needs or if an extended warranty makes sense.

Our Fee
Our fee is $300.00 to represent you and make this the easiest and hassle-free car purchase you can make. All while getting you the best possible deal we can.